Holy Spirit

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My love starts unfolding at the shore. Beginning at the rocks surrounding the flame pit solid, impenetrable, guarded, grounded but prepared for ascension as it harbors in the warm light.
Before I start this, I want to let you know, I don't want no Glory, I just want you to hear my story
Dear God, I love You. Very Very Much I love You because You first loved me There’s no Love greater than Yours, I’ve never heard of such
My sorrow lays unclad as he dissipates like a breeze never to be felt and never to be seen too many he never existed kindly felt by the few who accept the truth
I pray that everyone will be at peace I pray that hate will decrease and love will increase I pray that there will be peace and that everyone will get a piece I pray that war and crime may cease
Jesus, please guide my way Show me how to live Godly day by day Please show me how to love my friends and family And for all my wrongs, please forgive me You're my Friend, so I’m glad to hold Your Hand
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Jesus Name is so Sweet. He is Immanuel That means God is with us, so all is Well Let me say it again, Happily, I repeat: Jesus Name is so Sweet.
We are children of God Yes! God is our Dad We are siblings of Jesus From our sins, He frees us We are loved and cared for by God
God is so Good, I lift Him on High Way Way High, way above the sky He is so Good, He will forever be Glorified When battles came I was scared and horrified
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
What is Great Love? Great love is this: Someone who lays down His life for his friend Someone who will love you till the end Someone who will never pretend
Perhaps, the spirt himself, keeps me up at night. For I contain no urge to shut my soul windows. And yet, it is essential? Well, isn’t it? I am sorry, Is it not?
I close my eyes And call out your name “Jesus!” And there I am Lost in blur A dark abyss of nothingness Everything around me is oblivious It’s just you and me Face-to-face
Him The waves crash The gulls cry The sun is setting The moon is rising  
Restless days have accumulated from the regression of my knees. Parasites are sinking in, remembering the days I turned away from you. This mistake devastated your heart, but God the heart is elastic.
Sweet Holy Spirit by Christian Betancourt  
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
The world. The world is a beautiful place, from the peak of the himalaya mountians to the beautiful waves crashing  on the sands of hawii.
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