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Through the dark void our majestic Earth revolves A resplendent blue orb, floating in a peculiar way Tilted towards our sun, winter's discontent dissolves Free from the cold clasp, life is now perky and full of play
There's nothing good as merry as mellow meadows. An airfield of gentle buzzing breeze; mine shadows -- Doth smile and racing with my fingers; the grasses -- And theirs as if hands they reach on me, wanting me --
The sweet smell of a Saturday summer morning filled my lungsThe sun was rising and the sky was ablaze with the glints of a million birdsIt is 2010. I am at camp- green trees, blue skies, and not a care in the world...  
Biodiversity makes up Earth, that's my decree. Animals big and small don't forget you and me I got a couple things to say about saving the Earth, 
On the edge of a parapet stands a young person  with nothing but wings made of wax and the boldness to jump.    We were told as children that the myth  always ends in tragedy. 
It is said that Geb is the God of the Earth, and Nut is the Goddess of the Sky. While they are separated through the day, she returns each night to him and leaves the sky in darkness.
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
Decay in the earth of all living things. Just not here, where the cold keeps the flesh safe, maybe not from those ravenous beings,
Keep going. I dare you. But I can't fool you. My children will starve And be excited to see trees At the rate That everything is disappearing. Prepare for fishless oceans
Two tomorrows
The shack The shed The grass has bred The leaves are dry The trees are dead The path forgot where once it led The birds no longer fly the sky The wind whispers words once said
Very vague are the Various viscous Vibrations volleying With vast Motorizing strength, The blasting of the Motor To the best bang Of engine blinding The eye with
Cast off Sea winds light. Laying along the gunwale, I drape my arms Skimming the heavy blue A warm body, irresistible, so cohesive Unstoppable motion Sacred air Face of calm, archaic organisms
Wisps of air pranced through the blades of grass under the creek And danced atop the dorsal fins of the creatures of the deep And found under the surface of the water
Nonchalantly, I watch mother earth’s face erode as her acid tears stream down her face she silently wonders what ever happened to this place this earth we call our home is nothing but waste upon buildings of chrome
A green meadow sprawls out before you, a crystal blue stream slicing it perfectly like a knife through butter, dots of yellow alight themselves on the tops of the grass, winking at you in the wind,
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