This is Not How is Should Be


    Buildings and towers, taller than should be.

         Car after car moving along, thick black spirals trailing after.

Litter always left behind faint footsteps, that walk away ignoring the Earth screaming in pain.

Precious water vanishes before our eyes, with every drip and drop we let fall through the cracks.

Animals and Plants so pretty and kind, gone by extinction we can never rewind.

The air that we breath in and out, contaminated, polluted, should never enter our mouths.

Tear after tear our Earth does shed, filled with acid, gases, poison, and lead.

Everywhere I look this is what I see, my world, my country, my community, and sometimes even me.

I hate it, despise it, want it gone, for in our world it does not belong.

All of us can help heal our Earth, together, as one, but remember time we can never reverse.


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