Two Tomorrows


Two tomorrows
Of equal likelihood; yet only one may be;
One for man, one for beast;
The harbinger for both
Is me.
The first tomorrow –
Man is all around
Taking, reaping, destroying
Bringing the world down.
Cows are mass produced
Lambs sent to their slaughter
As are ducks and goose.
Forests turn to deserts
Their wood burns to fuel wars
And the world hurts.
A different tomorrow –
Man shadowed by trees fifty-feet tall
Sun fueling man and plant alike.
Nature needs not be small.
Man and animal coexist
Equals at last
Living in complete bliss.
A dying tree replaced by seed,
And when sprouted
A new world, one that does not bleed
Will stand unclouded
Green and clean; the world must be seen.
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