Changing World, Changing Ideas

Sat, 11/30/2019 - 01:38 -- carcu

Biodiversity makes up Earth, that's my decree.

Animals big and small don't forget you and me

I got a couple things to say about saving the Earth, 

So grab a chair and listen to hear about what it's worth


From large to small and heavy to light,

Creatures make biodiversity oh so bright,

Rare organisms depend on many things to survive, 

So in order to fix it we should protect it with our lives. 


Pollution poses a threat to all of Earth's life,

Cause without it we'd be in a ton of strife,

From providing oxygen to ecotourism,

Are we on the same page? Can't be having a schism. 


Genuses and families classify who we are,

Homo sapiens sapiens,

It's worked so far.

We discover so many species every single day,

Gotta keep protecting them, it's the only way


Every organisms life has so much worth,

No matter the size or purpose here on Earth,

They deserve to live a life of happiness and peace,

But humans make it unlivable, and life will cease


Nitrates in our groundwater, oil in our seas,

Spilling all these chemicals kills, guaranteed,

From the smallest microorganisms to the largest blue whale,

Biodiversity on Earth needs our help,

Without it, it will fail. 


Endangered species numbers decline every day,

Reducing biodiversity on Earth will lead many astray,

With each organism filling a niche spot,

Ecosystems need keystones,

And that's a lot.


Global warming is heating Earth, and not the good kind of hotter

It's the kind that leads to mass extinction and all kinds of slaughter

The icecaps are melting, and that's not cool!

Neither are we if Earth's one big pool


Nature holds many terrestrial lives,

Aquatic and the decomp are up there in size,

Unique types of creatures live in each one,

They can't be found in other places, they're a one and done


This poem won't save them unless something is complete,

So don't sit right there and stay in your seat,

Start advocating, learning, and speaking loud

Love where you live and make it known you're proud


Biodiverse without diverse is just bio,

We'll lose that too if we just wait and smile,

With rainforest destruction and deforestation,

There won't be anything left of our own nation


Concrete jungles aren't really the same thing,

Freedom bells will be stopped, not allowed to ring,

If organisms aren't free too and treated as equals,

That's not my world, hopefully this don't need a sequel. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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