I am the Earth


I am the Earth

And you are my children.

My children who drill into me,

Dig into me,

Mine into me.

My children who dump garbage onto me,

Pour sulfuric acid into my veins,

Force poisonous gases into my lungs.


I am the Earth

And you are my children.

My children who fight for progress,

Crave expansion,

Lust after power.

My children who are always fighting,

Killing their own kind,

Dying for false causes.


Why do you fight this way?


Some of my children

Worry about my death.

I can be harmed,

I can be burned,

I can be flooded

And suffocated

And dissolved,

But I cannot be killed.


Because, my children,

Remember that I have lived

For billions of years without you.

Your time with me

Has been no more than the

Blinking of an eye.

Remember, my children,

You are only here because I allow you to be.


This pillaging and expansion,

This destruction and war,

Will all come to an end

When I no longer

Wish to be

Burdened with you, my children.

Like a virus,

You too, one day, will be driven out.



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