A Choice

The sweet smell of a Saturday summer morning filled my lungs
The sun was rising and the sky was ablaze with the glints of a million birds
It is 2010. I am at camp- green trees, blue skies, and not a care in the world...


I was lucky enough to have that luxury.
I woke up to the chirping of birds and the rustling of wildlife outside my cabin.
It was 2010, and the world was still alive.
My biggest worry was picking which activity to go to, which table to sit at.

Now, it is 2020. I work at that summer camp. 
My biggest worry is the cry of my children as they walk to the health center.
My time off was cut short because we needed a debriefing in handling heat exhaustion in children under 10.

It is 2020, and the world is dying. I am terrified. 


I am terrified for every koala being burned at the hands of fire.
I am terrified for my children who will grow up without knowing what a polar bear is.
I am terrified for every fish being boiled alive in the waters they once lived in comfortably.

This will not change unless we change.
Saving the planet is our responsibility.


It needs to be the highest priority in every part of the social hierarchy.  
Every single-use consumer to every cooperation needs to make saving our planet that we are killing their highest priority.
we can no longer turn a blind eye in the name of convince.
we are too poor to afford living as carelessly as we are every day.


There is no greater need for change than the change of this planet. 
Change starts with you. 
Every single person makes a difference with every plastic poisoned product they buy, or choose not to buy.
The choice to help instead of hurt is up to you.


For the good of life as we know it, I hope you choose right.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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