the Tragic Love of Geb and Nut

It is said that Geb is the God of the Earth, and Nut is the Goddess of the Sky. While they are separated through the day, she returns each night to him and leaves the sky in darkness.

A Rendition of the Egyptian Mythology


Dear Nut, my beloved Goddess of the Sky and Heavens, 


Every day I stargaze, watching the shooting stars as they fill you with glitter amongst your Holy abyss. I tend to my land and watch the glimmering Sun that occupies you. I admire your coexistence. I daydream about the galaxies of you that I have left to explore; I hope for every aspiration, thought, and feeling to become known to me. Alas, every sunset that you bring reminds me of my impermanence.


My tears stream with the rivers as I look for the words to express this news. Truthfully, I am going to die before you. I know that you will live to paint a million more sunsets, but I may die in as short as a decade. Every day, my resources are exploited, my oceans are polluted, and new structures are built. The air has grown thick, dark. The minerals you planted in me in the dawn of creation have been sold and bought a hundred times over. 


My only wish is to grow like the nature I cultivate; grow like the sky grows gold in the evening. Yet all I can do now is wither, truly I have become old in the age of consumerism. My love for you, I promise Sky, will live on until long after my core can not. 



Geb, the God of the Earth



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