blindness; faith; love; hope; religion

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Because we’re lead by sin to turn away, since Eve caused all Creation’s oust from God, refusing fate, our master’s face, His rod, I ask who cursed first... Maker? Baited Stray?
My Biggest Fear is that who I am meant to be is not who God called me to be, That the me I want to be will never be good enough, And the me He called me to be will slowly slip away.
flirting faces, evil traces, midnight places... storms outside your window storms in the night why is everyone today looking for a fight there is voices inside my head the walking dead
1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.   Religion should be full of love, Never inclusive of pain and hate,
Dear God up in heaven, is this your plan for me? To always suffer and never succeed. These questions in my head won't let me be. Because it seems like no matter what I do, failure is never new.  
           Four things a man must learn to do,     If he would make his life more true: To think without confusion clearly, To love his fellow-man sincerely, To act from honest motives purely, To trust in God and Heaven securely.         
My faith was in doubt. There was a world I knew nothing about. My sight was in black and white. Insecurities filled my mind, Making me think that I was blind.   People tried and insisted,
 I can’t live without him The one who brightens my day And swore to be forever on my team   The one who believes in second chances
Never depend on no one but yourself to get you were You want to be. There ain't nothing in life that comes easy or free, Give yourself a little faith & Believe that life has more for you then just what your see. Don't just Say it Live it .
He flutter into aboveboard and deliberation, God this is all there is The photos in his accept emerged What's more, activate to apart And every one of the all-powerful beings in every one of the universes
You love me through all my shortcomings, my worries, my stress. Helping me to see that your love is non-judgmental. To you I run with open arms, ready to receive the love you so desperately have been trying to give me from the very start.
"Pray for me!" I cry to thee, for I have killed and have decieved.   I am a murderer of hope. Though He hs unceaed, I do not believe.   I am a liar
ive been walking alone for days crossed thousands of roads without looking both ways endlessly looking for you carelessly caried through you promissed me gold but theres only mud and dirt on this road
So here we are with this word: “crippled.” However, he ONLY can’t see. So subtract the “C”—matter of fact, AND the L-E-D. For how can a man who's blind be led when the one leading him is truly unaware of the other world walking behind?
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