Discovering Faith

My faith was in doubt.

There was a world I knew nothing about.

My sight was in black and white.

Insecurities filled my mind,

Making me think that I was blind.


People tried and insisted,

but I fought back and resisted.

God was dead to me,

but they said to just let go and believe.


Angry, scared, and confused

my heart and soul were already bruised.

What more did I have to lose?

Hanging on the edge so tight, my knuckles were turning white. 

Letting go might mean I lost the fight


There was a world I knew nothing about.

But the moment I let go,

I surrendered my fight.

I opened my eyes and I could finally see.

The beauty and meaning of life was right in front of me.


Everything that was lost, I regained.

All for just surrendering in His name.

Christ came to me in all perfection,

with angels living among us leading us in the right direction


I could feel my heart be mended

My soul was becoming reinvented.

There was nothing I could fear.

I wasn’t alone, He was always here.


No longer blind, I could finally see

everything that He was doing for me. 

I was alive and that’s thanks to Him.

He didn’t care about any past sin.


Discovering Him was the best moment of my life.

For by grace I was saved through faith.

I saw perfection in front of my face

He did nothing but love.

He’s a hero who helped me rise above.



I can finally say, “I believe.”

Just look at everything that I’ve achieved.

It’s through Christ that I have survived,

and there is nothing that could make me feel more alive!


There was a world I knew nothing about,

but now I have no doubt

God is real. His powers heal.

My faith is as big as ever.

Discovering it was like finding a hidden treasure.

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