Voices in My Head

flirting faces, evil traces, midnight places...
storms outside your window storms in the night
why is everyone today looking for a fight
there is voices inside my head the walking dead
evil has a name & it runs throughout
we blame, bitch & pout
to know what life is all about
we each have a gift down deep inside
many try to run away & hide
but I'm caught between a bind so stand in line
I was created by the masters design
we are here today then gone tommorow
a face full of sorrow
we must labor for the near road we should tred
outside is the walking dead
yet we came to far not to turn back now
can't turn around when your hands on the plough
out of mere sadness there is watchful gladness
making the best of what you have
some may complain it's all up for grabs
voices in my head telling me when to go to bed
the times they are changing
one darkened voice tells me to end it all
another heavenly voice says to give up it all
i'm being caught in a fix with a mystery in the mix
twisted lies of Satan trying to go home and fry up the bacon
I'll listen to the voice of reason even if it's in the changing of the seasons
the lover in life is not the sinner the less that you give your a taker
voices, voices go away come back no way
but I'm afraid there here to stay
I'm listen to the soft still voice with the peace that passes all understanding
that is a sure fire way to what I have been waiting for lest I implore another open door

This poem is about: 
My family


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