My King


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 I can’t live without him

The one who brightens my day

And swore to be forever on my team


The one who believes in second chances

And gives unconditional hope


The one who cut the rope

That tied you down

And replaced it with a crown


The one who wipes your tears

When you felt like no one cares


The one who uplifts your spirits

And promises revival

When all you feel is



And ready to give up


The one who promises his arrival

If your heart remained true to his word

And not in this awful world


I can’t live without his love

His grace

From all the way above


His teachings

His preachings

And his blessings


For he knows the plans he has for you

He knows what your heart desires the most




And Love

Are nothing close

To what he has planned for you

For your life means more to him

Than you can imagine

If only you would open your heart

And love him with a passion


I can’t live without my Lord

My Savior

My world


I can’t live without him

I simply refuse to

And yes

This is another hymn

For my Lord and Savior


My King

My Shepherd

My life

My world

My light


The one who will forever shine bright

Even in the darkest of rooms

Because not even the night

Can darken his might and will

To fight

For you

For me

My King will fight  


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My community
Our world
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