walking alone

Wed, 09/02/2015 - 18:57 -- poet1.0

ive been walking alone for days

crossed thousands of roads without looking both ways

endlessly looking for you

carelessly caried through

you promissed me gold

but theres only mud and dirt on this road

why did i trust you?

is this just a trap i fell into?


you told me not question you

but what is there left to do?

if you are who you say you are

fix all my scars

if you are the only one who can help me

set me free

if you want me by your side

please be my guide


you cant expect me to walk blindely 

what if i fall will you be there to catch me?

im trying my best to believe you

and i wish it was all true i really do 

but when youve been in the darkness all your life

the light seems like nothing but a delusion

all hope stars to fade away and in the end

you were just one step away







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