So here we are with this word: “crippled.” However, he ONLY can’t see. So subtract the “C”—matter of fact, AND the L-E-D.

For how can a man who's blind be led when the one leading him is truly unaware of the other world walking behind?

Is this not considered the blind leading the blind?

Now we are left with R-I-P-P.
However, two P’s are a waste, so subtract a P…and here we are. R-I-P.

Words for the dead—
Ironic for the man with malfunctioning eyes in his head.
Can’t live and discover the world on his own;
HE only depends on what others have said, but not what has been shown.
Might as well be non-existent for the world is that to him.
But he lives in a world that most think is of nothing but darkness and dim.
Only in the sense that, now, he must bend
to the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of others—on which he must depend.

A woman takes the time to stop him…
and asks him what HE sees;
he answers un-offended and surprisingly pleased.

His sun is the color of laughter and his ocean the color of tears.
His wife and children aren’t black nor white, but the love that he’s surrounded himself with for going on 45 years.

So Crippled…? Is this true? Is this correct? Is this right? Or instead Believing Life Is Not Done (without light)?

“See,” he says ”…seeing is not ALWAYS believing. So farewell and hope I see you again soon.
Oh…and your color…I know your dying to know, is the joy that dwells in your womb.”

The woman is taken aback…”Sir…you must be mistaken. How can this be true?”
And the man answers, “I was told of the angel that came and visited you.”

The woman falls to her knees and places her face in the dust.
She rubs her stomach and replies “So you came to confirm the birth of the Messiah I plan to name JESUS?”
She looks up and the man is gone…and she smiles and inside she sings,
“My God…you ARE the ruler of everything!”

Then God replies, “My daughter, I know you’re young and unprepared, but there is nothing to be afraid of.
You know I am with you every step of the way. For even a man with no sight is able to sense my love.”

“So, Mary, remember the blind man and though he could not see. He, just like you, is only blind if, even with all that I give, you can still over all deny me. Though he may not have eyes from which he can see, he is healthy and is head of his own family.

And now you…
though you’re scared have already been blessed to give birth to…a son who, even when laying on your death bed, will save you.”


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