You Love Me

You love me through all my shortcomings, my worries, my stress. Helping me to see that your love is non-judgmental. To you I run with open arms, ready to receive the love you so desperately have been trying to give me from the very start. My heart, it has been very weary, my soul, it has been very lost in darkness. Not even the brightest light could find it, as I would make sure to hide, and hide well I did. I was too ashamed to let you love me, or even love myself. Too disgusted with my reflection, and in turn, the mirror became my most feared enemy. I could gaze upon everything but my eyes, as these eyes held all of my truths, all of my doubts, all of the things you wanted me to move past. But one day, my soul, my heart, my mind became tired of fighting the call you made to me. Before, I could hang up without a second guess, without hesitation in my conscience. But in this very day, any call you make sends me racing to the receiver of my soul. Facing my truths in all forms they come, opening myself to love who I was made to be. I fall in love everyday that you are around. Fall in love with your heart, spirit, and kind words of guidance. You inspire my desire to become as much like you as you will allow. To walk this earth loving every single person, animal, and plant exactly the way you do. To take in every intricate detail of life and see it all as beauty, rather than a dangerous tornado. You make my heart beat a thousand times over, loving everything you have to teach me, show me, offer me. You radiate through my soul, you wrap your arms around me and hug me as if I'm leaving you again. But I intend to stay where I belong, in your heart forever, even after this life of mine has been completed. Defeated I thought I was, until you came in my life and showed me a different way of thinking, loving, living. Many tears I cried until you wiped them, cleansed them, freed them. I owe you this life of mine. This unconditional love you never stop giving me shows me that I too can love with an unconditional heart. I can carry myself through this journey to become all you set out for me to be. To hold my head high, to walk with an assurance that everything will be alright. To silence the endless doubts my mind never ceases to bring forward, to silence the doubts of those who don't believe I'm capable of a life full of freedom. And lastly, to show the enemy that his power runs thinner that a fragile sheet of ice. You love me through my restoration, my life seen with brand new eyes. You love me for my strong-willed heart, you love me because I finally can love myself, and you love me because I am yours.

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