2017 Poetry Slam Scholarship

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Dear Future Me,  
Because I love you, I sacrifice. I give up the I for you. Even when it hurts, I endure the lies, the betrayal, and being spit on.  Because I love you, I sacrifice. 
On a warm sunny day In the middle of May Allie Lovell was sitting. She wasn’t a normal girl – she hated knitting And being polite made her want to start hitting. So on that warm sunny day
“You aren’t listening to me!” Little Red yelled at her mom. “That is not how you are supposed to be! Now make your mother proud and stop trying to leave me.” Big Red yelled back.
America.The free, the brave, the strong.Common words, placed in common songs.We claim to be the truth,We’ve been lying all along.When opinion masquerades as fact
Our lady stands upon her pedestal, Her brazen torch a beacon for the free, For in her stance, she breaches the hull, Her sirens song, arise the refugee, To close our walls, such a righteous disguise,
Land of the FREE All good all bad it's never just that easy Once great, great again? Please try and believe me
America the selfish Who protects herself America the mighty Who fights too damn much America the warrior Who fightes not for peace America the Dominant  The goal longed to reach
So what is it That you seem to think is so great aout a flag flapping in the breeze  over a feild of bodies that shouldn't be dead slain with hatred  bombs
  People ask me what to me makes America. If you ask 1,000 people you will get 1,000 answers, some good some bad, so let me just lay down a few facts.  
take them off no why? just do it okay and so i do it   i do it i don't want to but i do it
Come—sweet one—if you are lost, The Atlantic we will cross Upon the rolling waves, tossed, Will our little boat be.
I awoke to find my passion was driven away. The reassurance that I was supposed to be here, had left its sudden stay. An engineer I am to be or so I thought - The cool shadow of ambiguity miserly besets.  
  there was once a young girl who dressed in red and blue. she was beautifully smart, yet couldn't figure out how to tie her shoe.  
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