Little Sailboat

Come—sweet one—if you are lost,

The Atlantic we will cross

Upon the rolling waves, tossed,

Will our little boat be.

But you are safe with me.

Oh, you are safe with me.


A twelve months voyage, she said.

If we survive, hope’s ahead.

The captain has plans instead,

To drown us in the sea.

Yes, drown us in the sea.

Honey, what will be, will be.


My wooden hull is her home.

She’s learned my faults as we’ve roamed:

My musty stench, she’s not alone.

Little sailboat, her friend,

Together till the end.

With her until the end.


The captain has no sway upon

What we share. Head east at dawn

And soon we will be long gone.

Just the two of us now;

A bright horizon now,

I watch from the bow.


Doubt has no place on our ship.

On to both our dreams, we grip

This: an everlasting trip;

We will share a life,

If I protect her life

From winds, storms, and strife.


She—the girl who feared the sea—

Embarked upon a journey,

Searching for herself. And me,

Within the mighty waves.

But she conquered the grave,

She is not in the grave.


I am her little sailboat

Yet, only she keeps me afloat.

I have no loud voice, no throat.

As long as my sails wave.

Winds whisper, darling be brave.

Oh, my darling, always be brave.


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