Land of the FREE

Land of the FREE

All good all bad it's never just that easy

Once great, great again? Please try and believe me

When I say this story will make your stomach turn, as well as point your eyes to the stars and the stripes, and say “I'm glad to be just one

--of many Americans living under the sun”


Revolutionaries fighting for what they believe in

Puritans emancipating their minds first, then pursuing

Breaking centuries of tradition, ritual, and culture clean

Setting sail for an unknown land with possibilities limitless

In hopes of leaving this broken down British machine


All hail the founding fathers

They stayed true to the mission

Never giving in to any conditions even without supervision

The union becoming strong-- what a beautiful coalition

What a powerful bond-- deserves recognition

Freedom Sweet

Freedom Great

Freedom Reign

Is that the description?


What is the missing link

Whose back was this great nation built

Stop and think

Stop and think

Who suffered for what ? And who bore the guilt?


This diverse land divided by race, created by segregation,

economy moving with pace, morals less than bipartisan

On the back of the slaves, by the sweat of their brow, America built itself a crown

Who is to blame for lifetimes full of unspeakable shame?

Should our ancestors take all the blame

Is the pain some of ours still left to claim?


Decades later much has changed, but much has remained

In this game of chess nobody wants to be a pawn

But the stain left by racial segregation is hard to wash away.


Equal value and equality

The first step of change is to notice it. With everyone trying to fit in who is really benefiting?

Without sit ins and walkouts our dire situation might be hard to see. Many are asking :

“Is America truly for all, even me ?”

Police brutality isn't just a fantasy. Unequal gender opportunity is not just in our minds you see!

Marriage for all, but stigma with sexuality.

Prejudices from the past could come back avidly

We speak much of the eagle and equality, but are we all free?


America the GREAT! And it will always be

But to keep it that way we must fight for all peacefully


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