The free, the brave, the strong.
Common words, placed in common songs.
We claim to be the truth,
We’ve been lying all along.
When opinion masquerades as fact
It’s hard to tell which side is really the act.
Trying to sift out where reality lies
Trying to block out the desperate cries.
With a proud flag still blowing in the wind,
Claiming truth and victory, yet drowning in sin.
Where do we really stand in this world we’re in?
When facts become fiction, and the lines become blurred.
We live in an alternative society, that couldn’t care less for the truth,
Instead everyone is accepted, unless, of course, you’re not one of them.
Believe what you want, but God forbid you act on those beliefs.
‘cuz then you’re discriminating against someone else’s right to breathe.
So please, do enlighten me.
How I can be anyone, so long as you agree.
We’ve made a patchwork quilt marking
Double standards, double lives.
Everything we love, everything we despise.
America the melting pot.
It’s different, but we’re all the same.
Just trying to make an appearance, our goal?
To rebuild our once great name.
So where do you stand, in this nation so grand?
Is our foundation common ground?
Do we stand on a mountain of sinking sand?
If only opinions were separate from facts.
Get rid of the greys, I only deal in absolutes
When it’s just skin and bones, the truth will behold
This land could be free and brave and strong and bold.
But for now we’re left glorifying the nothing we’ve become.
Striving to make this land the true place we call number one.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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