Allie in Wonderland

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 02:42 -- Alovell

On a warm sunny day

In the middle of May

Allie Lovell was sitting.

She wasn’t a normal girl – she hated knitting

And being polite made her want to start hitting.

So on that warm sunny day

In the middle of May

Allie Lovell was not doing what the other little girls did.

Their deft dainty fingers directed a thread

Or neatly kneaded a luscious load of bread

Or gracefully guided curls onto a head.

They were oh so “ready” to be wed.

But Allie sat.

In her lap lay a cat

And, as she lazily slapped at a gnat,

Allie briefly thought of the green stain

That would soon appear and cause her mother to inflict upon her pain.

But this consideration presently dissipated

As the sun’s caress moved down her arms and liberated

Her mind into the inky depths of sleep.

It’s a little known fact, but when Allie’s slumber is most deep

Her mind designs a vibrant world filled with heap upon heap

Of fantastical fairy fables and shiny stories of sheep.

And so, as Allie Lovell slept,

To a faraway land where hares are late,

queens decapitate,

and you can change your weight

(And size!)

By consuming small pies

She was wholly swept.

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