there was once a young girl who dressed in red and blue.

she was beautifully smart, yet couldn't figure out how to tie her shoe.


every day at dusk, she would venture into the forest.

she sang and sang, each night a new chorus.


her singing sparked her imagination,

thus she would walk for hours with no set destination,


her eyes brought the world to life,

putting a temporary end to all her strife.


the trees would talk to one another.

the flowers seemed as if they changed colors.


the birds would chirp beautiful tunes

the insects would wish her well, until tomorrow's afternoon.


each step the girl took left behind a bit of magic.

she couldn't wait to share it, oh she was ecstatic.


she found someone she trusted, someone she admired.

for them to see the beauty of the forest is what she desired.


as the girl and her companion began to walk,

the companion stated that none of the trees seemed to talk.


the flowers did not change their looks,

the birds did not exchange song by the brooks. 


in the eyes of her friend, the forest was the same.

all was quiet, and perspective was to blame.


there was once a girl who dressed in red and blue

she realized the world was different, for me and for you.


"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" she said.

this thought was new to the many in her head.


the value of the world is not what she sees,

but it is what you see versus what i see, and what we believe.


every trip to the forest she began to appreciate more,

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because she saw it differently than the rest, and that is something to adore. 

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