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Bebt Betb Bebt you be in Debt Debt Debt Bebt Bebt Bebt you be in  so much friggin'
13 hours 34 min ago
Out of site out of mind I came into your life you left mine Our start was rocky to say the least
14 hours 57 min ago
My Decision  
16 hours 43 min ago
Mutely I sat , as the rubbing of skins was the introduction of my journey.
17 hours 2 min ago
Came a fierce festival, air heated all around; Flying kites, flying high- the rivals that surround!
18 hours 29 min ago
The rising of false prophets Running church like a business,they're all about profit Human trafficking,drug dealings
18 hours 50 min ago
Tolerance or Intolerace, two sides of the same coin are both deeply embedded in our DNA
19 hours 48 min ago
i listen to songs at very high volumeand sing along with 'emhopingi don't break any rules.  
23 hours 10 min ago
Ya Know I’d Rather See... " CALM "... Than ... ALL THIS ALARM ... !!!! MORE Welcoming Arms...
23 hours 18 min ago
Blunt truth Succumbs Clumsy drunk gurus sturdy fungus Thus usurps lumpy mucus... ...burp
1 day 2 hours ago