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14 hours 23 sec ago
How can we see this through, Rates rising, Inflation too, How much more, Can we take from you?  
16 hours 7 min ago
TW: self harm     Warning: I strongly recommend never doing any of this these are not real instructions. 
19 hours 23 min ago
TW: self harm The scars are fading
19 hours 27 min ago
TW: self harmYou tell me I messed up
19 hours 30 min ago
TW: self harmStrong enough to stay clean for a day
19 hours 35 min ago
TW: self harm
19 hours 41 min ago
the air is thick with sky its heaviness settles over me and there is no telling where you end 
23 hours 28 min ago
Trapped in politics —victims we remain  
1 day 3 hours ago
Freedom - free for one love living to shine perfection Inhaling reality's fantasy 
1 day 5 hours ago