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Here at PowerPoetry, we’re all about using your brain to positively impact others and make a social change. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it (yeah we know that’s cliche, but it’s true, trust us). Our friends at DoSomething.org are here to help get the gears turning in that big ol’ mind of yours by providing awesome ideas for how to use what you’re already super good at (being creative, duh) to help others in your community. We’ll bet that you’ll end up helping yourself along the way, too. 


Bonus: DoSomething offers Easy Scholarships! All you gotta do: show an interest in a cause and volunteer to make a difference. Hey, we said easy, didn’t we? Here’s how to get started:


  1. What Does DoSomething DO exactly?  DoSomething has one job: to make the world suck less. One of the largest global organizations for young people and social change, their 4 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause- and we mean every cause. Their motto: any cause, anytime, anywhere. *mic drop 
  2. So, how to get started? Join! Then, think of a cause that you’re passionate about. Chances are, DoSomething has a campaign chock full of ideas for making a difference with your cause in mind. Need a push for finding a cause? No problem. Search for causes by subject, how much free time you have, and how you’d like to take action.
  3. Scholarships Galore. As if you needed any extra incentive to volunteer for a cause you care about, DoSomething offers Easy Scholarships. Seriously, these scholarships are super easy to apply for— once you sign up for a scholarship campaign and choose to volunteer, you’re entered. Simply put: community service + feeling totally awesome about doing good = scholarship.
  4. Spread the Word. Tell your friends about the amazing volunteer opportunities at DoSomething. Get a group together to volunteer, or see who can complete the most campaigns. Get creative. Help others. Help your community. Help yourself. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it.
  5. PowerPoetry. Don’t forget to tell us about the cool cause(s) you chose! Write a poem about what inspired you to choose a specific cause, how it felt to volunteer, or what your experience with DoSomething means for your future. However you used the resources at DoSomething.org, we wanna hear about it!


Here are some of DoSomething’s Easy Scholarships:



Ready to Vote Quiz: Learn about racial justice and voting by June 30, 2020


Oh the Places We'll Go: Give a friend a digital road safety card by June 30, 2020; second deadline July 15, 2020


Pride: Celebrate Pride (while staying safe) during COVID-19 by June 30, 2020


New State of Mind: Send tips on how to manage stress by June 30, 2020


Ready to Vote: Take a quiz to prep for the elections in light of COVID-19 by June 30, 2020


Online Registration Drive: Share a link to help your friends register to vote by June 30, 2020


Pledge to Vote: Fill out an easy pledge to vote by June 15, 2020; second deadline June 30, 2020


Anti-racist Conversations: Have a conversation and disrupt racism in your community by June 30, 2020; second deadline July 30, 2020


Ready to Vote Quiz: Take a quiz to learn about racial justice and voting by July 15, 2020 (starts July 1, 2020)


Pledge to Vote: Fill out an easy pledge to vote by July 15, 2020 (starts July 1, 2020) 


Online Registration Drive: Share a link to help your friends register to vote by July 30, 2020 (starts July 1, 2020)
























































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