Poems about Animals

No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruptionOr even there was no any of natural calamities, 
  By Stanley Collymore   How and why is it that everything I say and do, even acts
Midnight passed by two minutes, Got beats in my head ticking, And words are lip syncing to the beat. Create a melody.
Those who are lost have yet to find That there is no destination and there is no time  
Of the many things wrong, I find this one to have a grip on me, strong We need reform
It was that cold small chunk of the sidewalk What stood the same despair as we follow Tom.
I open my eyes to nothing.  I do not see anything because my face is against my pillow.  But I do feel something. 
What the Hell is going on?? Looking around and it looks like someone dropped a bomb.
I had a best friend, A friend that knew what time I came home, A friend that comfort me when I was sick,
Roses are red..