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A conversation in an elevator By: Sean Alino    
44 min 35 sec ago
A great nation once strong now needing restoration. Debt so large, it would sink a barge.
56 min 21 sec ago
Hi! my name is… unimportant
56 min 32 sec ago
  It’s really nice to see you again, though you are wallowing in self pity
1 hour 14 sec ago
"America the Great," we once were called the world stared at us with hope and amazement  wondering; waiting;
1 hour 15 min ago
DAGGERS IN HIS EYESHe given me a gleamed look as if he had daggers in his eyes But I wasn't surprised 
1 hour 57 min ago
I have seen many things in darken dreams the cries of the young and old, while Dark Angel stands bold,
1 hour 59 min ago
  shifting Viels reveal a shroaded figure of which disfigures to reform agian
2 hours 3 min ago
Shadows are following me home yet, I feel so alone I seek for attentionbut no one sees me
2 hours 16 min ago
Come to me Wisdom and Understanding.Enlighten my immortal soul with Knowledge,Love,and Affection.
3 hours 11 min ago