Scholarship Winners

Power Poetry has awarded scholarships to awesome poets since 2012. Check out previous scholarship slam winners to be impressed and, hopefully, inspired.


You, Me, and Poetry

Message on the Water - Stephanie Gagnon


All I Need

I Thought it was You, But Now it's Just a Boat - Samantha Mah


I Am...

My World of Different - Margo McManus


Everything is Awesome

Grades Body Moving - Tori Meyer



This Poem Must be Tap Water 'Cause it's Unfiltered - Nina Donovan



Crafty - Cameron Vest


Twist and Shout

Laundry Day - Alexa Vasquez


Slam Behind the Curtain

Bias - Julian Colón


To Be Heard

Spilled Ink - Shiane Salabie


Speak Your Mind

Land of the Free? - Lovette McCloud


One Job...May Change My Life

Healing HandsKeila Buthman


What Would You Change?

5TUD3NT - Cameron Leahy



[there is no such thing] - Sarah Bothner


It's All Up to You

Asians Can't Drive - Lyanne Teopaco


Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher

3.95 - Sierra Lindsay


Why I Write

My Language - Harlyn Juarez


Slam What You Will

Autumn's Child - Teva Mayer


Scholarship Slam on Civil Rights

INTEGRATION - Lauren Coleman


Film Your Voice

Thank You for Taking Me to the Library - Ariana Brown


The Power Poetry Scholarship Slam

Angels Made of Charcoal Outlines - Stephanie Itiola Jones