Poems about Animals

Dear Girl, You're not nice. That's putting it plainly. You're as nice as a cornered bear. Because that's what you are.
Dear Mother Earth, I am sorry for the way we have treated
BITCH That is what you called me, saying it so harshly like I committed adultery. BITCH When I do not obey to the regulations and submiss
Dear people who think my body is theirs, My body is a temple A temple so beautiful and strong
There is something broken. Cracks in the foundation. A system built upon revolving doors.  The U.S.
Dear  sister, I don't think she knows.
Remember when our minds confused the lines of right and wrong that lingered deep with you in our thoughts
Dear Daisy, To my beautiful flower, my sweet baby girl
Back in the dusky dark days in the hut Days of white and black on human screen Our voice travailed like it's night rut
Rusted, dirty kennels litter the floor Their occupants gave up after mistreat and gore.