Poems about Animals

To the one I loved, Do you have any idea how it feels to love? To be able to fly like a dove
Say, can you seethat the world is dyingWhat so proudly we hailedas Manifest Destiny 
Dear Catdog in my brain,   You have cause me a lot of pain You are obsessive-compulsive disorder
I am…   Chinese food and sushi, cottage cheese and frozen cocoa;  
She clutches her purse and never lets go the fear in her eyes as I walk into the elevator her eyes dead lock on my every move s
a l i v e                    the anticipation sitting on the stage
Dear Future Me, I hope you got things figured out/ Maybe got that big 6 figure house/ But have you really grown/
True you? Is it your animal Spirit? Is it your sin?
Cape Helles, named as Cape Hell
A herd of zebras was grazing on the African plain