Poems about Health

#1 Castle by the sea, Lush grass so green, Two Queens soon to be,
Blood atop bruises  nicotene under nails  blank stares  light fading  leaving only the void
Rubies glint on the sill in the light of the sun-- A light she'd once seen through miles of murk.
I am Hercules the son of zues i am stronger than any mortal man
I was all lonely You had nothing better to do You hit me   Then I were to die Because you hit me
The soldier went to battle willingly. He grabbed his weapon and held it with pride.
And because I'm only an inch over J-Cesar my destiny Ma is to have them question man who the F is this Latin dude?
Take in That breath Sink slowly Bottom rest   Still limbs Still mouth But restless
I am a collection of the mistakes and dreams of those that I've loved