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Join this, apply for that make a decision but don't look back. Be remembered, do your best make all A's and beat the rest. If you fail, you...
The bible tells me come to me as you are those was the words of my Lord and Savior  He accepts me, FOR ME no one has the right to judge me
Soothe the mind, captivate with sound.I've got a life time to grind. Don't forget he's mine, To future extent my tempo is his heartbeat.
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark.
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T what does it mean to me? no, i'm not referring to Aretha Franklin record R.E.S.P.E.C.T. what does it mean to me? what it...
I don't believe in Miracles. I loved until I consummed myself, Till I was left breathless, I used my Hart like a Master uses his slave. ©...