Poems about Animals

To Those Who Wonder Why I No Longer Trust:
A Butterfly In Winter   How dare you dance in this cold temperature? Are you being neglected by mother nature?
Almost two months ago my dog passed away she was kind and sweet and always said hey
Use social media:compare yourself to every personevery animal and funny video
Dear Girl, You're not nice. That's putting it plainly. You're as nice as a cornered bear. Because that's what you are.
Dear Mother Earth, I am sorry for the way we have treated
BITCH That is what you called me, saying it so harshly like I committed adultery. BITCH When I do not obey to the regulations and submiss
Dear people who think my body is theirs, My body is a temple A temple so beautiful and strong
There is something broken. Cracks in the foundation. A system built upon revolving doors.  The U.S.