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Poems about Animals

The loud shrieking of the small monkeys, The frightening roars of the lions,
A family in my neighborhood... the family situation wasn't good. Parents got divorced,
I am an animal in a cage. Seen as nothing more than a thing,
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire,
Dear Momma, I if I never live to see you again I hope I made you proud.
Please don’t make fun of me
Close your eyes. Now feel your heartbeat.
Tick tock tick tock The sound of the clock Won't stop Hands on my head what
The forest of glass the chances we get the see-through mask  as we rise from the pit 
I wanted to inconsolably sob only when it was unrelentingly raining; so that every single droplet of my ungainly hysteria went astounding