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They say that being suicidal is just a phase but don't they know that I'm stuck in this daze and I am lost. I wanna cry I want to die but I just can't clear my mind. I just want to curl up in a ball and never wake I want to do it for all the people who think I'm a mistake so I cry so it weaves so I break more than my heart can keep. My heart is shattered there's nothing left of me I just try to make people see. But the world is blind to the innocent and poor and I just wanna close every door. I've broken more than my heart can take. I just want to disappear for everybody else's sake. I'm smiling but it's not because I'm happy because I'm just so good at lying to all my friends. Just so good at hiding the feelings I feel inside. They don't know I'm drowning and screaming out no one hears make screams I'm just scared and lost it seems. I can't take this anymore I just wanna die but I know that if I do someone else will cry. People tell me lies people break my heart but inside sticks and stones have broken my bones and words are the worst of them all I'm falling apart and slowly dying inside I just want to die. Maybe if I'm gone I'll be happy again and the people who hated me won't have to ever  worry again maybe it's just my teenage mind maybe it's because I've gone blind to my surroundings to my world but I just want to die

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