Poems about Animals

Cheese is really great I only eat it if it’s fake It is for the cow’s sake
Push      the cheese through the              grater rather   than      shredding it back
I am the loather of your soulI despise you in wholeYou are fully execrableSheer waste, bad and detestable
There is a facade, a thing you don't see But here we're all stuck on "he" or "she"
The Queen of the Mountain They called her the Queen of Virtue
I need you.   I need to run my hands through your hair.
Dear Nick, This is my letter to you to say that is time for me to move on. I will not mope any longer
Proverbs 12:10 
A man, a single male has changed me forever.
I want to spend time with my daughterI think of her all day longHer blonde hair, her lovely laughter