Poems about Animals

I am from concert tickets From piano keys to guitar strings that are well played by the end of the day.
And it was at that moment, that exact moment, I wish I had not married you. I would have never married you. If only I knew.
Every week the grass grows too long. Blades of grey that sli- ce the air
In the entire history of humanitythere was but One Manwho practiced love and anmityas perfect as one can.
Our Love Can Bare (#BecauseILoveYou)  We respect, we trust, we love, we care
The Lion is King the only animal that is a natural ruler No challengers except those in the group
Somehow it got into my room. I found it, and it was, naturally, trapped. It was nothing more than a frightened animal.
Suffering terrified and Helpless Encaged very Lonley Tattered frightEnd Restless
 My thoughts are so deafening I’m surprised you can't hear them
A poem. Why am I here? Where can I go? This empty hole inside me Fills my heart with woe.