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Well, African Americans, at least I believe since I am one, think that the world still has a ways to
go with the vision of equality of proper respect on a more individual level.
The States have accepted African Americans on a seemingly large scale. At first glance
one would believe that we have achieved the level that the civil activist fought for so long ago.
However, in reality we are still under attack but in less blatant ways. Let’s look at some
examples, never in history has a president been considered as a foreigner until President
Obama’s election; however, there is the counterargument that all presidents get under fire
which is true. To rebut that, let’s take another example, when the media goes to a
predominantly black neighborhood they find the most unintelligent and unappealing of the
people to go help give a cover on the incident that happened in that area. The racism is still
there but it is more hidden to the naked eye than it used to be.
On the bright side, we have moved up in society. We have gone from slaves to closer
equals of our counterparts. We can get into any job that any other skin-tone can get into, we
get the same pay, we aren’t separated anymore either. You can look around you and see that
they are interracial relationships that weren’t tolerated by the public eye about 50 years ago
that are around now. With every new generation the level of acceptance grows because they
are less tainted than the group before them. Hatred isn’t innate, it is learned.
No matter the pros and cons of the current situation of the African American
community with in the United States, the goal will always remain the same. To become equals
with everyone and be respected by everyone so we can all live in harmony.
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