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They  said "I was beautiful enough "They looked at me blankly, and saw somewhat fit thighs, a somewhat of a put together face Hazel eyes that are presentable,  heart on a sleeve  
Papa always told me I wasn't a porcelain barbie. He said I was too dark to be lovely, I had no pink cheeks nor colored eyes. He refused to stay home most of the time,
I am a goddess of perceptual beauty woven by my own intricacies;  a tapestry of feminine familiarity.   I am a goddess of voluptuous curves shaped by motherly hands;
I woke up like this. I opened my magic, crusty eyes this morning And yawned my genius, stink-breath mouth. I lifted my sleep-heavy body with the strength of lions, Herculean! I woke up like this.
When perfection is plastic, and beauty is pain, And personality is viewed as a crutch, The world is construed, and I am so proud
Confidence is key but no one ever taught me how to achieve it. I learned it on my own by realizing other opinions won't make me any different. 
  Standing in front of the mirror staring at your face and body 
Yeah, it’s
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