i am not here to please you


United States


i am not here to please you,

so i am definitely not sorry

for the extra meat

exposed on my midriff

that seems to be burning

holes where you eyes once were

i am not sorry

that i enjoyed the outfit

i chose to wear today

because i feel comfortable in it

i was set on this earth

to please

pricks like you

who only abide by

the skinny society

who think i should just eat a salad

and shut up

sure, i’ve got a few extra pounds

that i can’t seem to ditch

but sure as hell,

i’m not going to let pricks like you

shame me and make me

shame myself

because i wore this top

for me, not for you

it is up to me whether

or not i feel beautiful

when my belly button

is shown to the world

and you know what?

i do

and i am not here to please

pricks like you



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