Better Than Plastic

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 16:22 -- shmegs


When perfection is plastic, and beauty is pain,

And personality is viewed as a crutch,

The world is construed, and I am so proud

I have vitrue even Photoshop can't touch.


My smile is genuine, happy and warm,

My laugh is contagious as well.

I listen to people, because I love hearing stories,

I keep secrets, I won't ever tell.


I'm loving, ambitious, compassionate and witty,

Sarcastic, and a little mysterious.

I'm loyal to my friends, I give good advice,

And I ask random questions when curious.


I'm outgoing and adventurous, I like doing stupid things,

I'm truthful, I speak my mind.

I'm romantic and sweet, quick on my feet,

And impatient when waiting in lines.


I'm intelligent and unique, I sing in my sleep,

I'm talented at improvisation.

My English is advanced, I write down ideas,

And I'm also a poetic sensation.


Media is corrupt, appearance isn't my worth,

I've got something called inner beauty.

I follow my dreams, and I wouldn't want to be,

Anybody else but me.


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