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The W(a)(e)ighting Game   Wait or weight  Which will I choose  Shall I choose to wait while my Prince Battles a Dragon’s fumes
Trigger Warn
YES. ALL WOMEN.  If my crossing to the other side of the road upsets your fragile ego
Stop. However you are about to process these words.
Would if I saidthe chain of commandacross the barron,naked landwas nulled.Stopped by one, to standso high and mighty;Man.Suppose the theoryof God is true
I see sparks fly Moon light
You are so smart, They say. So much potential, They say. You'll be great, They say. Just get your test scores up, They say. 32 isn't good enough.  
YesAllWomenA hashtag to empower those who feel the victim of a man's world.The revolutonaries pound at the door, demanding entrance to the castle of man.Threatening to storm the fortress and take what is theirs,
Do you want to believe? Do you hear the way she screams as he rips the dress from her pure beautiful skin.
Girl with blue eyes and a horrible past. I never thought I’d see a girl run so fast.
 She wasn’t afraid to show some skin She was an embarrassment even to her kin
 She kissed whoever she pleased
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
Is it now that you notice? Is it now that you care? They may have cleaned the scene but the tragedy is still there  Embedding its whispers into the ears of the ones who before hadnt cared is it now that you notice?
Why is it that men are better than women? 
Here I stand, in my apartment, where you broke me, you took the old me, and molded me into something new. someone I hardly recognize,  who is that girl in the mirror?
And in the end that was all she could hear;The sound of his breathing as he made his assault.She screamed, but it was if no one was near.How could this have been her own fault?  
What I hate most are rainy afternoons;making me introspective,making me hate.  
My eyes burn fro me the tears that never stop. While my hearts aches from the pain of betrayal. Some days go with out the pain and tears. While some days they are still there.
Left and right I feel offended because in the shadows and undetected are words that pierce and are directed at my womanhood and role that society elected  When I walk near men I feel inspected 
Naivety is expressed in many minds About many matters where ignorance is but a synonym, Yet let those words scathe their ears and retorts Will soon follow. "Not all men-!" Yes all men because,
I'm afraid to walk down a streetor into a gas station to pay for my gas.I swing my keys and prepare for a battlejust to go and grab a coffee.The fear that lies within every girl
Someone had to be the good girl, and that someone became me.
I write because of society Because my clothing says more about my consent, than my mouth does Because you're not as pretty if you're a plus Because society tells me not to get raped
Female, Is not synonymous, With quiet. I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I don't plan on stopping, anytime soon.   Because female,
The color pink is a presuppositionthat was forced upon usfrom birth.We were not given a choice.
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