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After a long pause the Quarterback said "GO"
Can we go back, back in time, where you said your name and i said mine? I remember your beauty, it was like a pain in my eyes! I never seen someone as vivid as a day in the sky!
When you think of Texas You think of conservative You think of the Lone Star State You think of the Cowboys You think of how “everything is bigger in Texas” You think of the best BBQ.  
Black and yellow spots
  I find myself staying up late at night No end to my destructive worries. Jumping from one topic to another in my racing mind.
She sits…
Black. No longer just a skin color but a culture. No longer a protective covering but a name by which any other race Must refer to as “African American.”
I am half of a half, and as I pass, fade into a haze of classy ebony and alabaster. Not circular, but elliptical, as an unbroken egg would be.
Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind. Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.
The nostalgia sets in as I attempt to remember a time in my life without music:  
Blissfully sailing on a relaxing excursion. Calm waters, birds flying all around Bright blue skies surrounding. Everything a carefree paradise.
Bearing the torch of knowledge, Casting the light of compassion, Into lands darkened with illness. Like a candle transferring its ilght, Awakening a new shine, In the dull eyes of the sick,
I don’t want to live in a constant rhythm Singing the same melody, From within this frail and mortal heart I want to pour out all that I have. To be the hands and feet Of an invincible unchanging love
My life has been a constant battle Against a dictator of sorts; The kind that all angsty teenagers Hope to one day sue in courts,   Their mother.   My mother was nothing but good
To act To pretend To live  To understand To portray To explain To give an example To inspire To motivate To entertain To understand To act
He is stress. He is one, He is fear, He is done, He is near. He speaks his mind in clear, He makes a snap at me, He leaks his soul into me, He makes a lap at me.
Big kitty cat eyes, Innocent puppy dog cries. Homeless animals melt my heart, I have to step up and do my part. I want to save the cats and dogs, but first let me give some applause.
They say CHANGE is good Perhaps even necesary But every experience i've ever encountered with CHANGE has been negative How do you accept something that you've never wanted?
My dream job isn't necessarily an occupation I wish to provide for my son in the best way possible I dream to be a great mother A mother who provides, cares, and sets a good precedent for her offspring
What would I change?  I would take away the hurt. the pain.  The hate we Americans still servin'  racism, sexism, all their criticisms. passed down to their child    What would I change?
He is an American soldier. Before he enlisted he was just a boy, He was undisciplined, scruffy, and a little pudgy. Before he enlisted he was just a boy, He had no manners and no respect for authority.
There's something so beautiful About the way bright lipstick Clings To a faded cigarette. She must have been so poised, Lips pouted perfectly, With that slender smoke
My Dream Job is quite simple, I wanna be a Superhero
  I don’t realize how lucky I am to have you sometimes. A relationship like this is one people wish for for a lifetime. You walked into my life like it was nothing.
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