Civil Rights in Texas?


When you think of Texas

You think of conservative

You think of the Lone Star State

You think of the Cowboys

You think of how “everything is bigger in Texas”

You think of the best BBQ.


Southern hospitality

How about racial unfairness

How about whites just always have more power

How about the obvious race that are getting arrested?

That’s what Texas promotes.


Why does the color of your skin define you?

Texas is the southest of the south

It parades if you’re not white

You’re different.


Texas is one of the hugest states in the U.S.

Ironic how it can make you feel so insignificant

Discrimination can do so much to a person.


Things have changed since back in the day

But have they changed enough?




Time to exceedingly make a change.

Ignore the colors on the outside

Focus what’s on the inside.

Get rid of unfairness

Stimulate equality

Eliminate black guys being searched for no reason.


Nearly 70% of Texas inmates in prison

Are minorities.

Is it fair to think that number is too huge?

With widely racial discrimination going on

It’s hard to think that the 70% is fair.


It has always been a problem we’ve ignored

But it’s a problem we can’t allow to continue.

It’s a problem you hear in schools, work, the mall

You hear them in jokes, casual talk, movies.

Racial slurs are used as humorous talk

But to the people that are being told to them

Are wounded and degraded.


People say it’s not a big deal

To “get over it.”


Racism hurts.






You might be able to bring that number of people in jail down if they didn't commit crimes. It is irrelevant what color they are.  I used to live in Texas and from my experience, both whites and blacks are outnumbered by hispanics.

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