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My parents bar me from anything I truly want. I can’t stay on the computer past 10 o’clock. At school, people get picked on, teachers do nothing, And many express their hate for anything and everything.
      Pounding heart, beads of sweat. Obscene memories one can't forget. Uncontrollable fears, a constructed dam to hold back tears.
Passion from heart to heart               Feel hopeful             An open mind             When lights fade             See what I made            
Jordan Mathews             Jolly in sight             A women of grace             Beautiful and bright
What the world doesn't know
He knew me before I was born He chose the color of my eyes He gave me my family and friends
Anything I Want
A change to school,
Often we hear the word LIFE thrown around so swiftly But in all reality what is LIFE I’ve often heard just because you live doesn’t mean you’re live
The wind whistling The waves collapse on the shore Peace and harmony
Our love is what he devoured, and soon I became overpowered. This is what happened so,  this is all i began to know. He treated me like his queen, but the truth was unseen. I was his highest expense,
I don’t know if any of you have noticed But there are different levels of crazy Personality wise, there are a couple different steps. Whenever I meet someone new for the first time I’m still on level one.
Fake smiles and deceving faces.  Love consumes the minds of the fragile  Money and Lust overtake the hearts of young adults  Does the world have hope in any way .  Words hurt the strong and turn them weak .  can life improve if noone seeks such a
42 days. One Month and eleven days. My scars have begun to fade and my smile has retraced itself again.   42 days. Of hard nights where his words echoed  and I wanted to bleed 
According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term soldier refers to “one engaged in military service and especially in the army” (Soldier).
Freedom comes at a price the ticket is your own demise in order to truly be free you must give up your most important thing you treasure it most, but leave it unguarded
Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
Society is so screwd. Be yourself! But make sure "yourself" fits in. Its cool to sleep around but if you get pregnant then you are just a slut. Makeup makes you prettier but you are seen as fake if you wear it.
When you wake up in the morning and everything is silent, stop and pray. For a chace to earn a great day, love without being told, and leave all your worries on the tray.
 he As he spoke his words were like ice going down my wind pipe corrupting me from the inside out His words were like a wrecking ball
I am a butterfly that drifts though the air I am an abandoned dog searching for the right and wrong I am the heat to your heart I am the small grain of sand you step over
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