Generation of no dignity

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 20:01 -- lia2498



Fake smiles and deceving faces.  Love consumes the minds of the fragile  Money and Lust overtake the hearts of young adults  Does the world have hope in any way .  Words hurt the strong and turn them weak .  can life improve if noone seeks such a thing as love of hope , faith or life.  for life itself is so much more then fortunes and material things.  More then the brand that you wear or what other think .  generation by generation we lose ourselves even more. forgetting what is actually important.  Lose sight of the now and rot in the past .  no idea what forgiveness is. mercy . compassion sugarcoat the lies .. say that everything is fine the world you say is free  is caged in the idea that they cant depened on themselves 'confidence is key' 'believe in yourselves' 'stay strong' how these words have been repeated so many times and noone understands .  claiming they feel the meaning but in the end wind up just how they thought they wouldnt  Lost. and starving to retrieve their dignity 


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