Society is so screwd.Be


Society is so screwd.

Be yourself! But make sure "yourself" fits in.

Its cool to sleep around but if you get pregnant then you are just a slut.

Makeup makes you prettier but you are seen as fake if you wear it.

Skin color has nothing to do with it, but can i please see your green card?

Women are equal to men, but its ok to pay them less for the exact same job.

You are perfect the way you are, but if you think something is wrong with you, there is always surgery...

Your smile can lighten up a room, just make sure that your teeth are perfectly straight and white.

You can be fat and beautiful, but a diet could help.

You will NEVER make society happy.

Make yourself happy.








Pax Spencer

I like the message. It's true that society constantly contradicts its self. In the end, a thinking person truely has to do what he/she believes is right, reguardless of what everyone else thinks.

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