Just Imagine


I am a butterfly that drifts though the air

I am an abandoned dog searching for the right and wrong

I am the heat to your heart

I am the small grain of sand you step over

I am the lighting in the sky, so quiet but then I roar

I am a shadow that doesn't want to follow

I am the future, I put the example

I am a weak Fettuccine Noodle

I am gonna be a strong rock, just don't knock

I am the one with the the heart in the hand

I am the strainer

I am the grater

I am that strong bull, that only seeks the red beat

You see, I'm always here, but you'll never be

I am the dreamer John Lennon, just imagine

I am the love and the hate

I am the anger of your faults

I am the closest star

I am the warm sun, you need to home run

There is a God for your sins, and wrong doings 

I stand tall over the great wall

I stand firm, long term over the concern

I stand strong over the wrong, because that is where I belong.

You see, I'm always here, but you'll never be

Cinthia Ramirez -



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