Our love is what he devoured,

and soon I became overpowered.

This is what happened so, 

this is all i began to know.

He treated me like his queen,

but the truth was unseen.

I was his highest expense,

he used me with his intelligence.

It became unfair,

he took away my air.

As he whispered in my ear,

our love would reappear.

He painted a picture, art

he was important in life, my heart.

Then he made my body melt,

love is all I felt.

We loved to be in each others sight,

we always met at midnight.

And when we would meet,

everything would turn so sweet.

He was always on my mind,

love made me so blind.

It seemed meant to be,

but then someone told me.

Everything began to unfold,

our love began to mold.

It began to fall in place,

It was written all over my face.

All of this was a lie,

I couldnt even ask, why?


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