Pounding Heart

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 16:30 -- aleon


      Pounding heart, beads of sweat. Obscene memories one can't forget. Uncontrollable fears, a constructed dam to hold back tears. Enemies turned into allies, friends into monsters, angels into demons and gods into devils. Dreams become nightmares, screaming about what is not fair. Why did I deny this? Cover up what is not bliss and feeling so goddamn helpless. So I thought i'd change the world, leading all the lost and righting all its wrongs not thinking of the cost, while weaving notes to sad songs.

      Shut out the voices that whisper of things gone wrong and starving without dying for so long. Ripping my soul from its flesh to not become another patch of a broken society's mesh. I'm breaking rules and shattering limits. I won't faulter, I can't  quit this. My path wasn't made for shards of a broken dream, I started out weak but today has a different theme.


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