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She was bullied. She was teased. Ugly, slut, whore They said. She was suicidal. She was extremely unhappy and wanted to give up on life. Then. She found happiness.
People saying that it will get betterWhenWhen will it get better?Living through hell each dayThey don’t know what they are doingAnd it gets better?
Long days, Even longer nights. Momma workin' overtime just to keep the lights. Dads gone, Don't give a damn really. It's survival of the fittest in this big city.  
You see me walking in the halls, I dont know why you make me fall. On the inside and out you break me down, But they still treat you like the class clown. Its not funny the way you make us feel, 
They tell you that they got you,They tell you that they're there.You smile with ease,lie to yourself,"Man i dont gotta be scared."
                          A room full of students different and unique as can be. Laughter can be heard from all directions, like thunder rumbling in the distance. As you move closer, laughter turns artifical.
There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.Innocence gone.Just taken away.Struggling to deal with it & be free someday.
So long for now, till we meet again. together forever,  you are my bestfriend.   my heart is breaking, tears are now falling. You had to leave, because heavan was calling.  
I am just ordinary, she is so extraordinary more than she can ever, ever imagine. When we met, we were lost like bees trying to find its honey we were lost. 
    As I sit here staring at that picture so soft in my hands I can’t help but think when it will end The memories all rush back into me like smoke clouding my lungs
  If I die today would you remember me tomorrow? If I dropped dead would you give a damn? If I stopped breathing
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