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Micah Gayman She's overwhelmed with emotions often when she feels hopeless drowning in her depression who saves her when there is no savior?
There's much to do, with little time. There's much to change, Where do I stand?   What can I do? What should I do? Maybe something, Maybe anything.   Days are passing,
Every day you live your life becomes more awesome. Vitality fills your breath every second you stand on this earth.
i feel trapped secluded like in a closed box i look around faces all around me passing me by forgetting im here i yell and scream but no one stops
People are starving Becoming homeless and dying We got to make a change By making a committee we can arrange  
The power to work and the power to try,The power to tell the truth and the power to lie,This power is within us all.But look around see how we’ve fallenShort of what we could be.
What would I Change?               That Question of Old, It follows, it nags, begging to dwell,               In the center of your mind, "Think of me, Think of me, All the time!"
I want to give freedom! I want to give it now To the African child thrust into warfare at random to the the millions starving men, women, and children to the thousands of kids 
All I see is vast, empty nothing, oblivion Nothing can be changed, nothing And it plagues me like an existential schism But isnt nothing good? To listlessly waste away
Life is not easy, so why should we make it harder There are lines in the sand and heartache in the hearts of millions So, When you make a child cry you have crossed a line
A broken watch lies in my hands It seems to have died the day I found my fate Like the burden of knowledge I must act In fact, run and race time before he beats me to my own game   A head start would suffice
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